Casey Pet Emergency


Casey Pet Emergency

Casey Pet Emergency is an emergency clinic that is open 24 hours a day. vet clinic.

We are on hand even when your veterinary practice is closed to address any questions you may have and solve your pet’s health concerns.

Our highly skilled vets and nurses are available to take your calls throughout the night and will advise on the necessity to have your pet evaluated urgently.

It is possible to use our services when your pet is in an uneasy spot during the night. Consultations are offered without appointment. We will meet you at the clinic and conduct an assessment of the triage needs of your pet to ensure that we can attend to your pet’s most urgent demands.

After assessing the triage Our highly skilled and qualified vets will conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet. They’ll also talk to you on recommendations and alternatives for your pet’s care.

If your pet requires overnight care, a hospital admission and consent form needs to be signed as well as an amount of money to be paid. We will notify your throughout the night on changes in your pet’s health condition and treatment requirements and coordinate the appropriate transfer or time to discharge for the next morning. We will also inform you at the regular clinic on your pet’s recent treatments and anticipated veterinary care needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an excellent after-hours critical and emergency clinic for veterinary patients in the suburbs of the southeastern fringes. We strive to meet or exceed the expectations for our clients as well as their pets who are in challenging situations.

We intend to collaborate closely with regional and surrounding referral veterinary clinics in order to increase confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional standards of surgery, veterinary medicine as well as client and veterinary communication building a clinic that is an extension of our renowned overall practice referral system.

The aim is to save lives of pets of small size by offering veterinary treatment in a location that is convenient to allow for presentations that are beyond the the primary care clinic and during non-business hours.

Employing staff that have a similar compassionate and committed philosophy and who understand the importance and value that pets play in our family and live. We aim to establish an example of exceptional urgent veterinary care and excellence of our entire staff in order to improve the lives of the pets along with their owners.

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