Astra Early Learning – Narre Warren South

Astra Early Learning - Narre Warren South

We are at Astra Early Learning we provide childcare and education for children aged 6 weeks up to the age of school. We provide a kindergarten that is funded program for our children aged 4 years old with our highly qualified Early Childhood teacher who leads an educational program for children.

Our curriculum is based on our National Early Years Learning Framework and is inspired with Reggio Emilia’s Reggio Emilia Approach.

The Reggio Emilia Approach was first created in Italy immediately following World War 2 and has since gained recognition around the globe for its innovative method of teaching.

The Reggio Emilia Approach views young children as being curious of the universe around them, as well as competent and confident individuals.

The Reggio Emilia Approach believes children have 100 languages , and are able to explore and express their emotions. Children can use a variety of languages in music, art as well as role play. They are encouraged to utilize the various mediums used to create their own expression and develop an interest in learning.

Parents are regarded as the child’s primary or most important teacher, and it is considered that educators and parents must collaborate to support the child’s development in order for the highest quality results to be obtained. You can accomplish this through our own in-house app that provides daily updates of everything your child has been doing. From the food they’ve had or eaten, to pictures of the activities they’re taking part in. The app is an excellent method to work with your teachers about your child’s education.

The environment is considered to be the third teacher within the Reggio Emilia Approach. The emphasis is on the setting up and the objects in the environment. Materials are thoughtfully incorporated into the area to stimulate imagination, thinking, asking questions as well as problem-solving and play. It is believed that if the space is lovely, it will help children’s development, focus and curiosity. If possible, natural resources are utilized to create a more peaceful environment for children.

Children’s project work is an essential to our strategy. Every room will have at minimum one activity going on at any given moment, that children are examining and exploring a particular passion they’ve got. The project will enable children to learn their 100 languages.

To make sure that our children receive the highest quality education, we have specialist teachers who attend every week, and they run extra programs at NO EXTRA charge to you. They include:

  • Music and movement

  • Sport

  • Art

  • Science / STEM

Our Kindergarten teacher is certified and offers a Beach Kindergarten Program and a Bush Kindergarten Program as well as Our school readiness Program.

Our children also study French, Italian and Spanish and regularly practice yoga, mindfulness, and wellness.

Security and safety is an important concern for us at Astra Early Learning and as the reason we have secure coded access points and video monitoring systems to ensure that our facility is always secure.

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