Martin and Wilson Eyecare


Martin and Wilson Eyecare

Professional optometric treatment in Narre Warren

Martin & Wilson Eyecare has been offering high-quality optometry services for patients in Narre Warren for a long time. All patients are accepted including children and infants.
If it’s your new pair of spectacles, or it’s time to refresh your vision or an examination of the condition of your eyes We’re looking forward to meeting your vision requirements. We offer a wide selection of designer glasses, as well as affordable alternatives. Contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.


About us

We are a seasoned team of eye health professionals located in Narre Warren who are committed to providing personalized vision and health to every patient.
Our optometrists Mr. Peter Martin, Ms Rosemary Wilson and Mr Tim Martin – are all active in ongoing professional development and are licensed to prescribe topical medication for treatment of eye problems.
We’re committed to taking the time to assist you attain optimal eye health.


Our optometric services are professional and available in Narre Warren


Eye exams

We suggest that you check your eyes at least every two years to keep track of the health of your eyes, look for the condition that your vision is. and also to detect any signs of disease. Our skilled optometrists are experts in the treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases. We are also able to determine your depth and colour perception, and address any eye problems you may be suffering from.

Eye health and prevention

When you have your appointment, optometrists from our clinic will offer you useful advice regarding how to keep your eyesight as long as you can, for example, how to reduce eye strain caused by computer and TV screens, and a healthy diets for healthy eyes and recommendations to reduce sun-induced damage.

Designer glasses in a wide range

An eyeglasses pair aren’t just about having a great vision, but also having a great appearance as well. We offer a wide selection of high-quality brand names and styles that you can choose from. We can assist you in selecting the perfect pair that will fit your style. We are also able to assist you with contact lenses for sporting or special occasions, or simply because.

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