Recycling has become a part of our daily lives. Every day we recycle water bottles, food packaging and other household items without giving the process too much thought. We simply toss our recyclables into a little blue bin under our kitchen sink and then take it out once a week, never to be seen by us again. 


However, some items are more difficult to recycle, like car batteries. You can’t put a car battery in your usual recycling bin, so what can you do? Below, we break down how you can find a scrap car recycling depot to dispose of your old car batteries.


Why Take Car Batteries To a Scrap Car Recycling Location?


Harmful Toxins


Car Batteries are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins like sulfuric acid and dangerous heavy metals like lead, nickel, cadmium and lithium. These ingredients can cause serious harm to both people and the environment if they aren’t disposed of properly.


If you think it’s no big deal to toss your old car battery on the side of the road thinking that it’s no big deal, no harm will come of it, think again. The chemicals from the car battery will seep into the groundwater and make their way into the food chain, eventually leading back to us. 

Suppose carelessly discarded car batteries are caught in a forest fire. Upon incineration, they will release a toxic gas that pollutes the atmosphere and anyone unlucky enough to breathe in the fumes.


Valuable Material


Even though car batteries are toxic, they are still recyclable, and we can harvest some valuable materials from them. They just need to be recycled at a place like a scrap car recycling business that knows how to recycle dangerous goods.


Where To Do Scrap Car Recycling


Ensure you recycle your car battery properly by taking it to a scrap car recycling business with a definitive plan to recycle hazardous materials. Your options will vary depending on where you live, but most municipalities will have a company that buys old car parts for resale or safe disposal. Some of them may even pay to take it off your hands. Just be sure to ask them about their car battery recycling process before you hand off your hazardous battery. 

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