When most folks are looking to get cash for junk cars in Melbourne, Victoria, all they want to do is ditch their old junk car and head straight to the bank to fill up their account. While selling your junk car to a scrap car recycling centre may be the end of the journey for you, your old car’s journey is still in full swing. After you sell, your car could end up in several places.

In today’s post, we explore where junk cars go. Let’s get started!

Where To Get Cash For Junk Cars

The first stop on a junk car’s journey is to a scrap car recycling centre where you can get cash for junk cars in Melbourne, Victoria. Depending on the car’s make, model, and condition, the amount of cash you can get varies from car to car.


After making the sale, the scrap car recycling centre will either flip the car to a different buyer, disassemble it to sell its used car parts or salvage recycled materials from its remains.

Where Do Cars Go After you Get Cash For Junk Cars?


While your junk car might seem like trash to you, it could be someone else’s treasure. There is a robust community of folks who love to refurbish old cars. Depending on the condition and model of your junk car, it could get resold to be refurbished by a car enthusiast.

Recycling Depots

Not all junk cars will find a new home to be refurbished. They’re called junk cars for a reason, after all. After you get a handful of cash for junk cars in Melbourne, Victoria, your car will most likely be taken apart, and its parts will be sorted. The parts that can be recycled will get sent off to a recycling centre where they find new life by getting turned into one of the many items made from recycled materials.

Sold for Used Parts

When a junk car is disassembled, if any working parts are left, they will be sold as used car parts. Demand for used car parts varies greatly depending on the car’s model, and the year it was produced. Many folks who are willing to buy junk cars as a refurbishment project will also buy used car parts for refurbishment.

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Where Do Junk Cars Go