Many people allow it to go to far, but regular maintenance is vital to the longevity of the vehicle.


Your vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you’ve ever made will require regular maintenance to keep it running. By following these easy guidelines will keep your car running longer, and also save dollars in the process. An engine that is well maintained is more durable, is more fuel efficient, and offer more power and a smoother drive.


4 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

1- Periodical Service

The first and most crucial item on the list that everyone recognizes as regular service However, some do not consider it a priority and instead put it off until the future. New vehicles can easily go over the scheduled intervals of service and not be recognized! This can cause damage to the engine as well as other parts. It is therefore crucial to adhere to the recommended intervals of service recommended from the manufacturer which can be found in the vehicle’s manual. It is also recommended to start the process a little ahead of the recommended intervals.


2- Don’t Skimp On Oil Change

Lubrication is the lifeblood of your engine. It helps keep your engine running and cool. The old oil that is contaminated can reduce the lifespan of the engine. It is highly recommended to adhere to the manual of your car and follow the manufacturer’s advice. There is a risk of grave damage to your engine if you not changing the oil at regularly scheduled intervals.


3- Don’t Ignore Issues and Notifications

Be attentive to the dashboard and pay attention to the sounds. Inattention to your car’s problems could cost you thousands of dollars. The sound of brakes, fluid leaks and knocking sounds warnings on the dashboard, and the sound of screeches could indicate a serious problem. Don’t ignore it there, and then turn on the radio, or believe that it’s going to be fixed by itself. Bring it to an expert technician as earliest convenience. There are a few safety concerns that should be addressed promptly. If you address these issues at the first sign of them it, you will avoid an expensive repair.


4- Keep It Clean

Yes! That’s right. You can greatly extend the life of your car by maintaining it in a clean state. Rust is caused by dirt and grime. The grit that gets in the moving parts of your car and causes the chassis to experience the corrosion and wear to accelerate. Bird droppings that land on your paintwork can cause damage to your paintwork for a long time Don’t leave it there. Road salt in winter is extremely destructive, so take your car to the carwash every at least once in winter. And do not forget to wash the undercarriage. Remember that a once-a-year polish can give you a protective layer and stop rust from spreading.

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What To Do To Make Your Car Last Longer