If you have an old scrap car and you’re looking for a way to safely dispose of it, scrap car recycling is a great option. Since most of the recycling, we do revolve around household items like water bottles and cardboard boxes, the concept of recycling a car may seem strange. Fortunately, there are many car parts that can be taken to a scrap car recycling business for recycling.

In today’s post, we discuss which junk car parts can be recycled.


Car Parts for Scrap Car Recycling


Scrap Metal

Junk cars are covered in so much metal that it actually accounts for most of a car’s weight. There are plenty of scrap metal companies who love to get their hands on scrap metal from junk cars because they can melt it down so it can be re-used.


Car Batteries

Some car parts can’t be disposed of in your household recycling bin, like car batteries. It’s fortunate then that you can recycle car batteries at a scrap car recycling centre. Car batteries contain toxic chemicals, but they also contain valuable resources like silver and plastic. Because of the toxic chemicals, car batteries need to be recycling in a very specific way to ensure the safety of the people handling them, as well as the well-being of the environment.

Car Tires

A common method of getting rid of old tires is to burn them, but it shouldn’t be. Burning tires releases various toxic chemicals that are hazardous to humans, animals, and they can make their way into the water system. Instead of burning tires, you can recycle them for reuse in various ways.


More Scrap Car Recycling Parts


Other car parts that can be recycled include:

  • Engine Oil
  • Plastic Components
  • Windows & Windshields
  • Plastic Component
  • Oil Filters
  • Car Engines
  • Mats & Carpets
  • Starter & Alternators

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What Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled