Some of the cars condemned for scrapping may have been in an accident which may have damaged them beyond repair while others may have been condemned based on their age and loss of operation ability. Whatever the reason for the recycling, one thing is guaranteed, and it is that the car recycling business will continue to thrive annually.

What contributes to the value of the industry?

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the value of the car recycling industry is the value of metals. Recyclers focus on metals because they can be reused for other items including new cars. While metals are an important part of the recycling business, other items such as vehicle fluids are also important. Additional parts of the vehicle which serve as extra sources of revenue for scrap car companies include the batteries and parts which can be sold off either for re-use or refurbishment.

The average vehicle promises as much as 75% of recycled metal while after taking out all the parts, companies can make out up to 83% of the recycled car.

At junkyards, once a car is brought in, the first line of action is to determine the parts that can be directly reused or sold for re-use. These parts include engines and transmissions, and in some cases, body parts and other smaller parts like the mirrors, alternators, taillights, headlights and more. Once these parts are removed, the company proceeds to depollute the vehicle.

What is Depollution?

Depollution of the vehicle simply means the removal of all vehicle fluids. The vehicle fluids may come in at about 20 to 40 liters after the process.

Recovered gasoline is generally confined to the yard for subsequent use while other fluids may be sold to recyclers. Other vehicle fluids that can’t be sold or re-used will be burnt in the furnace for manufacturing new products like asphalt. Batteries recovered from the junk car are also worth about five dollars while the junkyard company also removes all other hazardous materials including mercury switch, lead wheel weights, and others. Companies may also re-use antifreeze and windshield washer fluids.

Other valuable parts

Tires have become valuable as they reach the end of their life faster than cars. Tires can be recycled into a wide range of new products for many industries including roofing, flooring industries and in the manufacture of livestock mats, car parts, playground surfaces and more.

In some areas, worn tires or those that have reached the end of their lives are diverted for use as tire-derived fuel, especially when they are burned to power factories for cement manufacturing.

Other parts of the scrap car that can also be removed for sale include the aluminum from the wheels or engine block, copper from the radiator, and more.

The bulk of the body, after all these other parts have been removed, sold or re-used will also provide other materials such as vehicle seats, leather, dashboard, and windows. After removal, the car shell is then flattened and shipped to a final destination.

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