Want to get rid of that old junk car without getting ripped off?

If you’re sick of seeing that old junk car that’s just taking up space on your driveway or your property, you probably want to sell it quick. But it’s also important that you shop around and get a fair offer for what it’s really worth.

Scrap yards and local junk car buyers will often take advantage of sellers who are in a rush. They’ll give you lowball offers, pressure you into selling on the spot, or wave cash in front of you, hoping to close a deal before you take the time to shop around.

How To Trade In A Car That Doesn’t Run Fast

It’s understandable to feel some urgency about selling your old car. Maybe it’s given you years of hassle, needed costly repairs, or just been an eyesore you don’t want to look at every day. That’s why VIC Top Cash For Cars in Melbouorne, Victoria provides fast money for scrap cars and expedited and removal—delivering your money and towing away your old junk car for FREE within 24-48 hours of accepting your offer.

Local junk car buyers might promise same-day towing, but they’ll rarely offer more than scrap value for your vehicle. If I was looking to sell my junk car for top dollar, even in a hurry, I’d be sure to shop around first. It can take just a few extra minutes to potentially get twice as much for your junk car, pickup truck, van or SUV.

Who Buys Cars That Are Not Running?

Offers vary widely because no two junk cars are created alike, and most junk car buyers just aren’t sophisticated enough to appraise the accurate value of your junk car. Here at VIC Top Cash For Cars, we look at the make, model and year of your vehicle—but we also account for any optional upgrades or special features that might fetch a higher price (things like leather seats or a working sunroof).

Our experts have made over a million offers on less-than-perfect cars just like yours, and our offers are always guaranteed.


Sell Your Car With Mechanical Problems

When it comes to selling junk cars, knowledge is power. Most people just don’t have the knowledge to know when they’re being ripped off. So the more different junk car buyers you visit, the more likely you are to find a great deal. But it can be time-consuming to shop around for places that buy scrap cars for top dollar.

No one wants to spend their whole weekend calling and visiting local junk yards. Luckily, you don’t have to. Instead of spending the weekend shopping around a handful of local scrap yards, you can tap into a scrap car buyers and get a quote in a matter of seconds.

We at VIC Top Cash For Cars, Always Ready to Assist You. Anytime. Everywhere. Any Day.

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