Did you know that scrapping your car can help the environment?

In Australia, legal car scrappage centres must adhere to environmental regulations that includes the recycling of different parts and materials. For example, the existing metals that are recycled will prevent the need to mine for new mineral and metal resources.

Before regulations came into effect, car scrapping harmed the environment, as toxic fluids that were inside the car were not drained before they were compacted. This caused contamination to water systems, and the ground in scrap yards could be incredibly dangerous to people’s health.

Today, environmental regulations help to limit the toxicity of scrapping cars, and materials such as mercury are disposed of and recycled in the correct way. Car scrapping centres are also required to have appropriate equipment to handle hazardous materials and have a solid infrastructure to prevent the leakage of toxic materials.

Scrap Parts Can Be Recycled

When it comes to scrapping your car, it’s best to shop around for the best deal. There are several factors that will influence the amount you will get for scrapping a car, but if all the parts are intact, you will certainly get more than if you remove the parts. Some of them can be more valuable than you think.

This is another reason car scrappage is good for the environment. Parts can be recycled for another car. From tyres and mirrors, to batteries and radiators, many of the parts in your car could have the potential to live on in a new body, saving them from going to waste. This then has a knock-on effect, meaning less of that material needs to be made.

To create steel for new cars, large amounts of coal is burned, which emits greenhouse gases that cause pollution. If we choose to recycle and reduce the amount of steel that needs to be produced, the impact on the environment will be significantly less.

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The Environmental Benefits of Car Scrappage