We all wish that our cars would last forever, but unfortunately, they have a shelf-life. And giving up on a car you love is heartbreaking, so you want to make sure it really is time to move on.

How do you know it is time?  Read on to see the top signs you need a new car.

Becomes an Eyesore

You may not notice the ugly rust stains or out-dated style of your old beauty, but others certainly do.

If you start to get weird looks from strangers or comments from your family, the charm may have finally left your car. Looking for an eye-catching replacement will rebuild your reputation.

Maintenance Exceeds Value

If your mechanic knows you by name, you may want to calculate the cost of upkeep compared to the real value of your car. This can be a series of little fixes from brakes to oil that never stops leaking. It might be a serious problem like you need a new engine.

Replacing the entire inner workings of your car will be a waste of money. You can eventually use the money saved on repairs to put a down payment on a new car.

Break Downs Too Common

A car that won’t make it to point A to point B annoys you and your passengers. Your car becomes unreliable. You are late to jobs, appointments, and important events. Plus, towing costs eat your budget in addition to repairs. 

The next time your car breaks down, think about having it towed to your nearest junkyard instead. They will make sure your parts get reused and recycled, causing no one anymore pain that it has caused you.

Fearing for Your Safety

Did you know that older cars are 71% more likely to be in a fatal accident? The biggest car signs that should have you visiting a dealership is when safety becomes a concern. It is something that can’t be ignored.

Slow cars, parts becoming loose, and alignment issues cause hazards to you and the other drivers around you. If you feel your car is unsafe, do not ask, “Do I need a car?” The answer is always, “yes.”

Life-Changing Events

When your life changes sometimes your car should too. A new baby causes you to upgrade to a larger vehicle. Even a new job and a promotion will lead to aspirations that you need a car now.

The type of car may need to change as well. A pickup truck might help a new landscaping business. A move south may inspire you to buy a convertible. Whatever the change, adjust your car choice accordingly. 

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Emission testing for older cars becomes a challenging affair that will lead to never-ending repairs. But, this is for a good reason as old cars release more toxins into the air.

If your used car mileage chart is hitting 6 digits, then it may have some trouble getting through emission standards. Some cars like electric vehicles get waivers for emission testing.

Technology Upgrade

Cars come with cool new gadgets every year that it is hard to keep up with the technology being introduced.

If you are still rolling up your windows by hand, it might be time to get on the automated bandwagon. Use hands-free driving, automated driving features like object detection, and review cameras to improve your safe driving skills.

Signs You Need a New Car, What’s Next?

Now that you know the signs you need a new car, it’s time to get what money you can for your old one.

If your car is as bad as you think it is, then selling it for scrap instead of trading it in will get you more money.

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Out With The Old, In With the New The Top Signs You Need a New Car