A life of outdoor exploration is usually accompanied by a lot of gear. Unfortunately, there’s only so much storage space in your trunk. With the convenient addition of a Mockins cargo carrier, you can easily carry your gear without having to stuff your trunk. Let’s look at the best selections of Mockins hitch mount cargo carriers.

Why Should I Select A Cargo Carrier?

We should start by saying that not all-cargo carriers are the same. Apart from offering extra storage, where you can stuff different things, they are also very lowkey. A cargo carrier doesn’t really require much maintenance. Installing a cargo carrier is very easy, actually. They only come with straps.

Other models are fitted witha cargo carrier bag that happens to be waterproof. As we have mentioned, different types of cargo carriers exist for different uses. Therefore, it is very important to have in mind what kind of cargo you need to house in a cargo carrier. Additionally, there are cargo carriers made to be all-purpose.

There are also different types of cargo carriers. They all fit on most vehicles, and you can also select the type of cargo carrier that is suitable for your needs. Before you select your cargo carrier, ensure to do your homework.

Before You Buy, Consider These Factors:

a) Pre-Installed Rack

Firstly, you need to consider if your vehicle is equipped with a rack for the cargo carrier that you want. If it isn’t, you have to get one installed—additionally, it’s not that simple either. Next, you have to install the rack and cargo carrier, keeping the weight capacity of the roof of your vehicle in mind. If your vehicle cannot support additional weight, then you cannot have a cargo carrier.

b) Physical Dimensions

The physical dimensions of the cargo carrier bag and cargo carrier matter in relation to the size of your roof. If you have a small vehicle and hence a small roof, your rack and cargo bag should also be small. Furthermore, it also has to be large enough to accommodate the cargo you want to carry.

Therefore, before you purchase a cargo carrier, you have to take into consideration what you will be carrying. And how the gear will fit in the cargo carrier. Additionally, you also have to consider how much weight the cargo carrier will add on to your vehicle. If it adds too much weight, then your car will be slower.

c) Carrier Shape

If you plan on making your carrier a semi-permanent fixture on your vehicle, then the shape matters a lot. If you spend quite a lot of time driving as well, you should consider the shape of the cargo carrier. Some carriers tend to be box-shaped, and this can interfere with the movement of your car.

If you want a fixture that won’t hinder the movement of your vehicle, then consider a cargo carrier set that is aerodynamically shaped. It will be less of a hindrance to the movement of your vehicle.

d) Access

Another factor to seriously consider is how you access the carrier. Firstly, you want a handle that’s easy to operate. You should also consider whether you want the carrier to open from the back or side. This is important, especially considering how your vehicle is shaped. Additionally, most people prefer that their cargo carrier be able to lock.

The cargo bag should also be waterproof to protect your valuables from being ruined. This is in addition to the cargo carrier being watertight.

e) Mounting Systems

Basically, there are two mounting systems available. First, some models come with a mounting system that is a simple slide and lock. They are very easy to operate and usually don’t require much in mounting hardware. Furthermore, this system uses mostly ratchet straps with minor assembly required.

On the other hand, there are some installs that require a wrench or other tools to install and uninstall. To uninstall them, you have to pry them out of the rack. This system is found in most cheaper models, but not all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

i) Do Carriers Affect Gas Mileage?

Yes, they do. Smaller cars and hybrids essentially have more fuel consumption when using carriers. Even small-sized ones.

ii) How Can I Balance The Weight?

If your cargo carrier is full, then the weight of your vehicle is going to be evenly distributed. However, when it comes to luggage, ensure to balance out any bags, gear or suitcases. Remember, the more balanced the load, the more balanced the vehicle and the drive.

The Bottom Line

Now that you finally purchased a cargo carrier set, you should keep safety first. Always use a cargo net to secure everything. You don’t want your belongings flying all over the interstate. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of the best Mockins cargo carrier sets, and we hope they live up to their standard on your next trip.

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