When your old junk car is on its last legs, you probably considering whether or not you should take it to your local scrap car recycling centre to take it off of your hands (while filling yours with cash). But, as is the case for many decisions consumers make these days, simple convenience and a bit of cash might not be the factor affecting your decision to recycle your scrap car. For example, you might be wondering what impact your decision might have on the environment.


Thankfully, you can rest assured that scrap car recycling is environmentally friendly. Let’s explore why that’s the case.

4 Reasons Why Scrap Car Recycling Helps The Environment

Proper Waste Disposal

Several harmful and toxic chemicals need to be handled safely when getting rid of a junk car, from old engine oil to acid in a car’s battery. If disposed of improperly, these chemicals can cause serious harm to the environment. By taking your old beater to a scrap car recycling centre, you can rest assured that all hazardous materials are being handled by experts taking all the health and safety precautions.

Avoiding Landfills

Landfills are an unfortunate reality of our current waste disposal systems. Most of the consumer products on the market are disposable, and we’ve gotten used to mindlessly throwing away items that eventually end up sitting in a landfill, therefore harming our environment. Fortunately, scrap car recycling is a great way to avoid sending your junk car to a landfill. Since most car parts can be recycled in one form or another, it’s a huge waste for one to rot in a landfill.

Recycling Car Parts

It goes without saying that recycling is good for the environment. It gives products a second life, resulting in less resource consumption and fewer wasted products. Scrap car recycling is no different. Almost every part of a  junk car can be recycled in some fashion. Car batteries, tires, plastic pieces and scrap metal can all be recycled or sold as used car parts.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Perhaps the most significant effect of scrap car recycling is caused by recycling a junk car’s scrap metal. Mining the minerals needed to produce scrap metal requires the consumption of oil and carbon, resulting in serious harm to the environment. When you choose scrap car recycling for your junk car, you’re reducing the need to mine for more materials needed to produce the metal, therefore making an environmentally sound decision. To put things in perspective, roughly 14 million tons of scrap metal are gathered and recycled from junk cars every year, saving up to 85 million barrels of oil!


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