Experts are warning motorist to be careful when looking at buying used tyres for their cars, as what could appear an excellent deal, might actually leave you in danger. Unfortunately there is no way of being able to see the internal structure of a tyre, so it is hard to know what you are getting for your money.

There are many things that can mean the tyre has been left in a poor condition, including being driven for long stretches without enough air, being driven at high speeds and being driven whilst overloaded. All of these factors can leave the structure of the tyre weakened, meaning it could blow out at any point on the new owner without notice. Therefore buying new is always the safer option. However, suppliers of used tyres have argued that buying new is not always in a motorist’s budget and most used tyres are safe. Ralph Warner of the Rubber Association of Canada said that as long as tyres are the proper fit and there is life and value left in them, then using tyres again on a different vehicle is better than simply scrapping them. Even getting new rims for winter tyres can allow them to have a lot more life. Mr Warner also argues that if car owners are looking ahead at exchanging their current motor for a new one, they might just need tyres that can provide a year or two of service, which a set of used tyres are ideal for.

If you do decide to go for the used tyre option, it is important to make sure that what you buy will actually fit your car. You need to do some research as you would for brand new tyres, by looking on review sites or asking at specialist tyre shops for the best fit for your car. Also, consider how often you will be using them, the distances you will be travelling and the budget you have available to spend on them.

Specialist tyre dealers are the safest option to buy from, compared to buying them online off sites such as eBay, where a warranty won’t always be offered. Even when buying used tyres, try to buy the newest ones you can find as rubber does break up over time. You can tell when a tyre was manufactured by looking at the last four digits of its serial number. The first two numbers are the week it was made, with the last two numbers representing the year of manufacture. Do not buy tyres with any scrapes or cuts on the outside of them or patches on the inside

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Is Buying Used Tyres A Safe Option For My Car