Car floor mats are vital to keeping the interior of your car clean. It is definitely easier to clean car floor mats than to clean the interior floor of your car. However, slipping mats can be irritating, to say the least, and dangerous at worst. So let’s find out how to keep car floor mats from moving in the next sections.

Why Do Floor Mats Slide Around?

Floor mats usually slide around because they have no anchor. Additionally, they also slide around because they are placed on your car’s floor, which is lined with a carpet pile. Keeping your floor mats in place is important to prevent slipping, for example, when your foot is on the brake pedal.

Furthermore, it is important to note that thin floor mats will move around compared to thicker floor mats. If you have lightweight floor mats, then they might also slide about more easily. So to keep your floor mats from sliding, explore different methods we think will hold your car mats in place for a long time.

Solutions For Sliding Car Mats

There are multiple options you can try to use to keep your mats in place on your vehicle’s floor. Most of them involve securing the mats so that they stay in one place. Additionally, all the methods mentioned are designed to keep your floor mats in place and give you the best results. Keep your interior clean by:

1) Using Double Sided Carpet Tape

Double-sided carpet tape has adhesive on both sides. It is very sticky and is usually used for carpet installation. Carpet tape also works on all-weather mats. When applying the carpet tape, all you have to do is place a few horizontal strips on the bottom of the car mat. Placement of the car mats is also important.

Because the tape is super sticky, placement is key when it comes to placing the car floor mats. After aligning them correctly, ensure to apply some pressure on the mats before lifting off. This makes sure the car carpet stick to the car floor mats easily. Basically, the adhesive holds and the mats should stay in place for a while.

2) Using Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Finding heavy-duty mats that fit perfectly in your vehicle is also important. Heavy-duty mats won’t move around as much. Any time you think of getting new mats, ensure they are as heavy as possible. Furthermore, they should cover the entire surface of the car’s floor. Proper installation is key.

3) Using Hook-And-Loop Fasteners

Hook-and-loop fasteners are also used interchangeably with “Velcro strips.” Putting Velcro on most mats will ensure vertical movement is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, Velcro ensures the mats stay in place by bonding the car’s cabin carpet. However, Velcro is pretty strong for mats, and therefore they could pose a problem when removing them.

When placing Velcro, ensure to start with the corners first and see if you can remove the car floor mats easily. Any floor mat will be anchored to the car’s carpet.

4) Using Floor Mat Anchors

A floor mat anchor is just floor mat clips designed specifically for car mats. They have a flat and wide head and are made of plastic. Using them is easy because all you have to do is hammer slightly into the anchor caps, and the car floor mats will be secured in place. If your mat doesn’t have holes, you can use a hole punch or hole cutter to make a few holes in the outer corners.

This is not a difficult task, and it doesn’t take long either. You just have to be careful when placing the mats. Even rubber floor mats should be held in place with anchors.

5) Using Drapery Hooks

You can pin on drapery hooks to your new floor mats (or old mats) to keep them from sliding. The u-shaped part of the drapery hook should point the seat, and you can push the pointed pin into the floor to secure it. It should hold. You can then repeat the process on all sides of the mat as you see fit.

6) Screwing Them In Place

A permanent method to keep car floor mats from sliding is screwing them in place. After drilling holes in the mat, you can screw the mat in place. A single screw will go in each hole you have made. Remember, this is a permanent solution. You can take the mats out, but it will need some persuasion.

The Don’ts Of Using Car Floor Mats

a) Don’t Place The Carpet On Your Pedals

Placing a car mat on your pedals could pose a huge safety risk. You might not recognize the placements of the pedals, and you could end up accelerating instead of hitting the brakes. Not for lack of knowing where the pedals are, but because carpet cushions the pedals. Therefore feeling for where the pedals are might be challenging.

b) Don’t Leave Creases In The Car Mat

Creases can create obstructions. Obstructions can interfere with foot movement, which can cause delays in reaction. This can be potentially threatening to you and any passengers that might be in your vehicle. Therefore, any creases should be flattened out before you commence any driving.

c) Don’t Double Up

By this, we mean, don’t use one car mat on top of another one. Using two car mats or more can be fatal. Also, using double mats can obstruct the pedals from going all the way down. This can limit you from accelerating, breaking or shifting gears.

d) Don’t Add Any Other Layers

It is not safe to add any other items on top of the mats. For example, using a towel or any other items of clothing on your mats could cause obstruction. You don’t want this. You also don’t want to use clothing in place of mats. Clothing could tangle and become dangerous.

e) Don’t Fail To Read Warning Labels

Most factory-made mats have a warning label. Ensure to read the label before making any decisions. Additionally, ensure to follow the instructions on the warning labels when it comes to cleaning them or taping them to the car floor.

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