Timbarra P9 College

Timbarra P9 College

About Timbarra P-9 College

Timbarra P-9 College is a co-educational school that is committed to the creation and application of innovative teach strategies and learning methods that maximize the learning outcomes of students. The school’s goal is to provide an environment that is safe, joyful and positive learning environment, where every student is respected and respected. It is a focus on achievement through the use of teaching and learning methods that maximize individual student abilities and learning styles throughout all aspects of their lives.

The school community is of the opinion that education experiences should be matched to the child’s stage of development, while also encouraging growth and learning. Participation of students of their education is encouraged through using their previous experiences, passions and strengths. Through the creation of an encouraging and supportive learning environment, students are ready to be responsible of their personal learning.

The school seeks to inculcate every student’s development of:

  • Achieving confidence in oneself and independence in the classroom
  • Aspire to achieve personal excellence and the best in education
  • A sense of personal pride and public confidence in working to achieve constant improvement
  • Flexibility, self-control and adaptability to work in a constantly rapidly changing world
  • Recognizing and appreciation of the social, physical, and cultural diversity of the society
  • A feeling of accountability and ownership toward their own education

The school community is adamant in its commitment to the wellbeing of students. With this dedication, students:

  • Create a sense of self-worth
  • They are encouraged to take the responsibility for their actions and choices with positive reinforcement, as well as the training and acquisition of social skills and strategies.
  • Make sure you are aware that there are rational consequences to your choices in behaviour
  • Develop the capacity to work and live together

In Timbarra P-9 College we are creating a space where our students’ resilience can be built to help them become confident competent, caring and responsible people who are able to learn for the rest of their lives.

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