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FIT College registered as an RTO for fitness in 2009 and began the delivery of fitness course certifications in the same year. FIT College aims to provide only the highest quality fitness courses and personal training Courses.

FIT College developed a range of fitness business management certifications in 2012 and then launched the fitness classes for business in the year 2013. In the year 2020, FIT College added to the scope of qualifications through the introduction of our Weight Management courses. The weight Management certifications allow students to work as a weight Management Practitioner who can providing meals plans and nutriton programs to assist clients in achieving the ideal body composition and maintain healthier eating practices.

Since its beginning, FIT College has achieved the lowest risk rating and has also achieved the longest period of registrations for five years with every renewal audit.

FIT College delivers face to face fitness classes at multiple campuses across Australia and the Pacific region and also online fitness courses that are open to students all around the globe. FIT College also offers many classes through its Cloud Campus allowing students from all around the world to join and continue their studies.

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Each of our campuses is either within or right next to an exercise facility that is commercially owned.

Our fitness education students are able to experience the day-to- daily operations of an functioning fitness center. The students are introduced to the setup of the reception as well as the classes that are available and personal trainers who work with clients, day-to-day activities of members and marketing strategies for the facility and sales staff processes cleaning and maintenance processes and the behavior of staff. Our students are provided with real-world experiences, which makes our Fitness as well as Personal Training courses accessible even more valuable.

These facilities aren’t small PT Studios or mini workout spaces in classrooms that focus on small aspects of the business. The centres we select let our fitness education students to explore the vast range of services offered by and the that are inclusive sector of health and fitness.


Experience in the industry and being a PT does not guarantee the knowledge required to be an educator in fitness. We choose to hire skilled and knowledgeable fitness professionals educated to become VET instructors.

All all of our senior teachers and instructors possess an undergraduate degree and the VET certification “Certificate IV: Training and Assessment’
The majority of our instructors are still working as fitness professionals in a job.

Only teachers who are qualified and experienced can approve a student’s work and certify that the student is proficient in every task to ensure you receive the most efficient training during Your Personal Fitness Training or Fitness Training. We do not rely on Personal Trainers to make the decision since they’re not acquainted with the standards to judge the competence of a person from a pedagogical perspective, and the components that are listed in the national curriculum for this certificate.


We have decided to not exaggerate the fitness industry. We do not tell students that they can make money as a personal trainer during the first few years.

Our course offers an honest assessment on the industry of fitness. It provides students with the rationale that some trainers are successful , and what makes others not.

We have decided to not use celebrities to advertise our classes. We feel that the image of celebrities doesn’t give an accurate picture of what fitness is all about.

We talk about the elements of fitness that might not appear as appealing and appealing, such as early starts and late endings or working shifts that are split and on weekends cleaning equipment during slow periods as well as making follow-up calls to clients who have missed classes, going on holidays, and not receiving a salary when you’re self-employed PT. We try our best can to help our students prepare for the real world that they will be working within the fitness and personal training business and the actual situations they face every day on a daily basis.

We ensure that we are current in our curriculum by reviewing it every 6 months to ensure that new research is taken into account, and that updates from the national curriculum are taken into consideration, and we also use feedback from students and peers on the effectiveness of our teaching and assessment methods.

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