Berwick Lodge Primary School

Berwick Lodge Primary School

Welcome to our site – we’re all extremely satisfied with our school serving the families of our City of Casey since the year 1990. Our school’s motto is “Learning for Life’ . To achieve this goal, we offer many different curriculum options to ensure that all our students are given the most optimal chance to get use of all their passions and abilities.

When you browse our website, you will find students who are involved in a myriad of activities. It is this engagement and the results that come from it that we appreciate at Berwick Lodge School. There’s plenty of activities for all here at Berwick Lodge and it is an honor and privilege as the first director of this fantastic center of learning.

Berwick Lodge Primary School

Berwick Lodge Primary School was established in the year 1990 in the South Eastern Growth corridor of Melbourne. The initial enrollment was 200 pupils quickly increased, to the present level of more than 600. The school’s logo is a representation of our school’s emblem of the Helmeted Honey Eater that is widely regarded as one of the rarest birds in Australia and one of the three remaining habitats located on the eastern boundary in Casey, the City of Casey.

Statement of the philosophy

Berwick Lodge Primary School – Learning for Life

Berwick Lodge Primary School promotes the highest standards of teaching and wellbeing programs for students that encourage a love of inquiry and an appreciation of learning. The school’s mission is to help our students to succeed in a global society in the complex, challenging 21 century. twenty-first century.

Our vibrant and professional learning environment is supported by a sense of enthusiasm and purpose, with a large number of engaged students as well as a highly enthusiastic and attentive staff. We aim to create of a supportive and positive environment that has provides a high standard of care and personalization for staff and students alike.

We believe in the expansion of every child’s social, intellectual and emotional growth as well as the education that our talented and gifted students as well as those who require extra help, by providing the help of a variety of special programs and professional teachers’ support.

Our curriculum places a heavy focus on numeracy and literacy using structures and methods that encourage personalised learning outcomes for our students. Our goal is to broaden knowledge, stimulate thinking, offer opportunities and choices, and spark passions.

We are proud of

  • The search for excellence
  • Respect for the other and the environmental
  • Excellence and celebration of achievement and success
  • The development of self-confidence and positive relationships and persistence
  • Opportunities for leadership for students
  • Friendships on an international and local level
  • The ability to empower yourself through the use of skills and attitudes to make educated choices and make informed
  • Integrity is demonstrated through actions that show integrity and respect

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